Sunday, March 15, 2009

Descent of a Beer

A beer going down, not much better; maybe whiskey but that is for another time. Sitting around trying to watch a movie one night I took these photos. Apparently I was paying less attention to the movie than I was my drink. But what is wrong with that? The movie was RocknRolla; I will have to watch it again, I heard it is good, the beer Fat Tire.

Fat Tire is a small brewing company out of Fort Collins, Co. I can’t get in Virginia yet. The beer was brought up to me by my friend Billy from North Carolina. It has just been distributed to his city. He is a little obsessed with the stuff. I do find it a tasty beverage but I’m not nearly fanatical as old Billy.

While trying to concentrate on the movie I thought of the 60mm lens I have that I hardly ever use. I recently bought an 18 to 200mm lens that is a great all around lens so I rarely take it off. Their just happened to be a beer in front of me so I got out the camera out and started snapping. I also just got a SB-600 so I wanted to get some practice with that as well.

The descent of a beer is a short story but it is a good one; smooth, tasty and refreshing.