Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Not a bad way to spend the end of the day.


Light falling on my son's toy box
Taken With HDR Camera+
Edited with Pixlr Express

Friday, May 24, 2013

conversation piece or just a dust collector

I have a couple of old cameras on a bookshelf in the living room. I have two Polaroid Land Cameras, another Polaroid, a Brownie, an old Canon 35mm and a Panasonic point and shoot, my first camera besides the one I made out if an oatmeal canister in elementary school.
I bought a couple of them with the intentions of using them but have never gotten around to it, digital is so easy.
Originally I wanted to try to put some orthofilm in the land cams and brownie and try to make an exposure that way... I still might try one day. But know you can buy film for the Polaroids again.
It is food to have dreams and ambitions it what you could call a Pipedream.


Mornings are better than ever now. Every morning I get up with my son and have a few hours with him before I have to start my work day.
He gets to roll and now crawl around on the floor and play and I get to enjoy my morning cup of coffee and roll around on the floor with my son.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Night Lavender

By the front door of my building is this patch (usually overgrown) of lavender. I pass it every time I walk out the door but tonight it caught my eye.

Saturday, May 11, 2013


For my wife's birthday I gave her the gift of a photo session. The catch was it was just a photo session with me not a professional photographer, (SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT) like Garrett Ross. Garrett photographed our wedding, and did Laura's maternity photos and my son's newborn photos... we really like his work.
Back to the photos I took. Laura came to me with a Mary Cassatt image and said she wanted this. I believe she was talking more of the spirit of the image, a mother and her baby, but I decided to try to make the images a little more painterly. I am not trying to recreate Cassatt's style just give the images a little bit of a painted look. That being said here are two versions of the same image with slightly different effects. Really the second one just has one extra effect the first doesn’t have.

I found a tutorial on painterly effects in Photoshop in where you duplicate the image change its blend mode, I used soft light, and apply a motion blur at 90 degrees and crank the distance way up to the three or four hundreds. Then you repeat this two more times. On one you change the angle to -45 degrees and the other to 45 degrees play around with the distance for both. If you turn the first duplicate layer to a smart object and then duplicate that in makes it a little faster.
For the second image I also duplicated the original layer again changed its blend mode to overlay and inverted it and then applied a Gaussian blur filter cranked all the way up. I found this trick in a tutorial for increasing contrast in an image. Once you invert the image the blur filter is actually sharpening the image. So I am blurring the image with three layers and then resharpening it with a fourth. Might be a little counter intuitive but it brightened the image up a little.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Which one?

 It is always a battle between my wife and myself when it comes to Black & White vs Color... well that is a little over the top. She generally likes color and I want to feel artsy so I go with black and white.

For these two images I think she is right. Well at least for the first image I am not sure the second one is good either way.
I thought the dark brick and white mortar would be a good candidate for black & white but it might just all run together.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

NIght Rain

While taking my dogs out between rain storms I took this photo. I used HDR Camera app on my phone and the available light from the light post.

Monday, May 6, 2013

New blog to watch: IPA Freely


IPA Freely is a new blog about beer and things related by my friend Beth. While I have never witnessed this peeing freely business I have drank more than a few beers  and discussed beer with her many times. She is very knowledgeable and seems always to be learning more about it.
She is also part of the Hardywood Community Hopping Project and you can follow her progress growing hops for a local brewery.
Have a beer and  click on over and check it out. Sláinte!


It is so decrepit it isn't even there anymore. A short time after I took these photos these buildings were leveled and cleared away. Making room for progress? Last time I drove by it was just a flat lot. Guess some times you have to make room for nothing.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Drink on the patio

It was a little chilly but it was nice to sit outside with my wife and talk and enjoy the weather.