Thursday, October 22, 2009

A long walk... a very long walk.

A wrong turn can make for an interesting day of shooting. On a trip to West Virginia I went looking for Eagle Rock and some scenic photos over looking a beautiful valley. Instead I found fog, horses, lizards, rain, and a little condensation. I did find my scenic over look (scroll down a little father and will see) but I think I got some got shots on the wrong turn too.

The wrong turn might have been the best thing for my photo expedition. With all the fog and rain I might not have been able to get any good shots from eagle rock but I had an interesting time on the other side of the mountain.

After I missed my turn I walked down the other side of the mountain and came across a house with the clouds sitting on top of it. The barn out back had two horses but only one of them wanted its picture taken.

Once I walked back up the mountain I took another wrong turn. Left, right, east, west it’s all the same on a walk in the woods. The point was to get pictures not get to a specific destination.

So this is when the rain started.

I guess it wasn't really fog I was walking through, it was the rain clouds. With the rain, cold and me trying to keep the rain off my lens I got condensation on my lens, unfortunately. Ruined a couple of good shots, tried to salvage this one not sure I succeed. With the clouds the condensation kind of blends in, right?

So my time in the mountains wasn't all rainy. The next day, the day I actually got to the place I was trying to go I got some good shots as well. This tree was obviously more determined to be there than me or all most anything else on this green earth.

I took a lot of shots on top of that mountain, a lot of the valley below with clouds rolling through but I really like this one.

It wasn't all mountain climbing. My brother and I went out to a secluded lake to do some fishing. I don't think it was secluded because it was hard to get to, it was the damn bugs. No one want to go near that place with out a full body suit, you know the ones the bee keepers wear.

Their was an old house and this run down horse barn. After I fought through the swarms of nats and horse flies and waded through the tall grass I got some shots off while ducking and weaving the nats.

I hope you like the shots. I certainly enjoyed taking them.